Have Fun, Save Money, Keep it Simple! Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Ahhh, the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! The height of Disney Princess perfection and the most requested reservation I receive from my clients! It’s true, this experience is one that creates a memory for a lifetime. Who doesn’t want to be doted on by a Fairy Godmother and twirled around in a seat for the big reveal? But to quote our favorite hero/villain Rumple, from Once Upon a Time, “All magic comes at a price, dearie”! This price can come in cold hard cash or paid in a sum of sanity! I am here to tell you how I do this experience with my Dole Whip to save myself some money and stress.

  • First, there are 3 packages to choose from. The prices range from $59.95-$199.95. Each package includes at a minimum : hair-styling, makeup, princess sash, cinch bag and nail polish. You get to keep you makeup, comb and nail polish. There are photo pass photographers wandering and taking shots of your Dole Whip, so if you have memory maker, you are already coming out ahead!
  • These makeovers are available at the Castle in Magic Kingdom or at the new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney Springs. We all know how beautiful and memorable it is to have this done at the castle but the Disney Springs location is stunning! You won’t be sacrificing any magic in the experience if you end up with a reservations there.


  • Most people will want to schedule this experience right before a special meal like Cinderella’s Royal Table or a Meet and Greet. Allow yourself enough time to enjoy and not rush through the makeover and cover your bases if they are running behind. You will be sweating gravy and be stressed if you are cutting it close to that Be Our Guest Dinner!


  • Bring your own dress and accessories to save money. The most basic package will still be magical and you will save a ton. Honestly, I have done the basic package and the full on bells and whistles package and they are both great. My family and I like to spend our Disney budget on experiences and food. When we are planning and budgeting we know that these are the things that are important to us and maybe we can save a bit on a resort category. Work within what is important to you, not within what other people are telling you, you must do!


  • If you bring your own dress, I highly recommend getting a comfortable cotton Princess Dress! These dresses are breathable, not tight or scratchy or shiny and can be worn many, many times again! We have a trove of these dresses and we are never at a loss for a costume or something to wear to a theme party or to Target! I swear by dresses from* Lover Dovers and *Darling in Disguise on Etsy!


  • Now this is my controversial tip, but hear me out! I always select the simple bun hairstyle and I ask that they don’t put all the glitter and gunk in it! Just hairspray. My reasoning is very simple, I am not dealing with a cranky, hot, itchy Dole Whip with a concrete rat’s nest on her head for 3 days! She will also not be interested in a full on deep conditioning treatment and de-tangling of snarls after a long day at the parks. I also prefer not to walk around with a Dole Whip hot mess doing the walk of shame at Epcot the next day! HA! I keep it simple and I keep everyone’s sanity in mind!
  • Last of all, have fun! Enjoy the moment, take tons of your own pictures and if you spring for the big package and she wants to take it off after 10 minutes…oh, well! I promise she will never forget it and neither will you!



*Note that all of our Little Dole Whip clients receive an exclusive discount to these shops!

Hugs and Pixie Dust,


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